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10 Most-Read Skyline Trade Show Tips of 2011

What kind of Skyline Trade Show Tips blog posts got the most attention in 2011?  Funny posts?  Informative posts?  Insightful posts?  Useful posts?  Why, yes!

Of the 80 blog posts we’ve published so far this year, these are the 10 that most caught your eye, and then made such an impact that many of you told your friends to read them, too.

Just click on the article headlines to view these 10 most popular posts of 2011:

#1.  19 Chuck Norris Exhibitor Jokes

Chuck Norris jokes are not only popular on the Internet; they are apparently tops for trade show exhibitors, too.  Chuck did a round-house kick to readers’ funny bones, and they shared several of their own Chuck Norris jokes, too.  This blog post from August 2011 will finish the year with over 10,000 views, and hopefully almost 200,000 laughs.

#2.  Don’t Be “That Guy” At Trade Shows              

Don't be "That Guy" at TradeshowsTrade shows allow us to meet our clients and prospects face to face, which helps us build stronger relationships with the people we do business with.  But what if that person just doesn’t seem to get it?  This June 2011 article showed all the ways “that guy” could bungle his trade show marketing, from what he says, how his booth looks, what he does in his tradeshow exhibit, and more.

#3.  Are QR Codes Worth Putting On Your Trade Show Displays?

QR Code for Skyline websiteOne of the most-talked about new technologies for trade show exhibitors are QR codes.  They are 2-dimensional bar codes that, when scanned with a properly outfitted smart phone, can take you to a web page.  Skyline tested QR codes in our Exhibitor Show 2011 booth, tracked the less-than-inspiring results, and reported the experience in this April 2011 article.

#4.  Why Didn’t That Attendee Stop In My Trade Show Booth?

Why didn't that tradeshow attendee stop in my booth?For all you do at trade shows, getting attendees to stop in your booth is the key first step.  But what if they don’t?  This September 2011 article outlines 8 possible reasons attendees don’t stop in your tradeshow displays, and what the main actions exhibitors can take to get attendees to visit them, and thus start the process for a successful show.

#5.  Will Your Trade Show Booth Staffers Make This Elephant-Sized Mistake?

After visiting the Fancy Foods Show, Scott Price was surprised at the treatment he received at one of the trade show booths.   He felt that one booth staffer was too focused on saving a little money on a giveaway and missed the mark on building their brand.  This June 2011 article stirred the most heated conversation of any blog post this year.

#6.  10 Ways To Use Social Media To Get Attention At Trade Shows         

10 Ways To Use Social Media To Get Attention at TradeshowsGuest blogger Nate Riggs gave a presentation about Social Media for trade show exhibitors at the Skyline Central Ohio office, and this April 2011 blog post summarized his popular session.  It’s filled with practical, accessible tips on using social media.  It was popular with your fellow readers, who shared it a lot with their own peers via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

#7.  5 Quick Measurements To Improve Your Trade Show Results

While most exhibitors feel the pressure to measure their trade show results, many don’t know where to start.  While it’s best to measure the metrics most important to your bosses, it’s also possible to measure things that will provide insights into significant improvements in your trade show program.  So this April 2011 article gave exhibitors 5 fast items they can measure to drive positive change.

#8.  23 Trade Show LOL Cats Make Exhibitors Laugh Out Loud

On the Internet there are “memes” – topics or ideas that take hold and spread because they are funny or unique.  One of the most endearing — and enduring — memes is the LOL cats.  These are pictures of cats doing cute and wacky things, with photo captions that are written in a style reminiscent of Tweety Bird.  This September 2011 blog post featured 23 images that combined the absurdity of LOL cats with the absurdity of trade shows.

#9.  Get Better Trade Show Results By Leaving Your Brochures At Home

Because they are often overwhelmed by the mountain of logistical tasks required, trade show exhibitors can default to doing the same thing repeatedly rather than try new approaches.  In this January 2011 article, Judy Fairbanks advocates trying something new by leaving your brochures at home.  She gives 6 reasons why this change will be for the better and help you boost your results while lowering your costs.

#10.  19 Made-Up Trade Show Statistics

While there is a wealth of statistics about the value of trade shows, there are certain gaps that I felt needed filling.  Such as, what percent of U.S. booth staffers only speak one language?  What percent of booth staffers were hired by their company in the past month?  Since I couldn’t find stats like those, I made them up.  But while they are fictional, they still retain a ring of truth.  Readers added their own made-up trade show statistics to this March 2011 article, too.

I hope you enjoyed reading these top articles during 2011, and look forward to proving you with more informative, insightful, helpful, and occasionally funny tips in 2012.

What's Working In Exhibiting White PaperWhile these are the top 10 tips from 2011, what was the most-requested white paper?  Hands-down, it was the What’s Working In Exhibiting white paper, which you can get for yourself by clicking here.

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Mike Thimmesch is the Principal at Thimmesch Marketing. For over 25 years, he has created and implemented innovative marketing, lead generation, and exhibiting strategies that profitably grow company sales and brand awareness. Mike rose to Director level at Skyline Exhibits, where he helped generate over a half million leads, resulting in over $1 billion in sales. He published 11 industry white papers and eight exhibiting books, presented over 100 trade show webinars, and wrote over 200 exhibit marketing blog posts.

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