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10 Easy Tips That Can Help at Your Las Vegas Tradeshow Events

Do you exhibit at trade shows or events in Las Vegas? Then you need to review these 10 tips for exhibiting in Sin City.

  1. Plan ahead. That means fill out all your show forms with plenty of time. Reserve your space, your hotel rooms, airline tickets, show services & promote your show well in advance. If you don’t know exactly what you need to do, reference our Trade Show Planning Timeline to get a month by month checklist.
  2. Dress in layers. Temperature on the trade show floor is often not climate controlled until the show starts. Also, Vegas weather can be unpredictable. One day it can be sunny and 90 and yet dip down to 60 or colder at night. If you have a good windbreaker or trench coat, a hat and gloves, you can layer that over your blazer or a sweater and stay toasty no matter the weather.
  3. Bring duct tape.  In fact, bring a whole bag full of emergency supplies. One of our reps has a whole toolbox that she always brings along to the show to help clients. Some items she swears by are: wet wipes, zip ties, extra cords, batteries, shelf-stable snacks, water.
  4. Hydrate. Las Vegas is a desert and since you likely flew in, your body will already be dehydrated from the flight, if not from the few drinks you may have had with a client the day before the show. Always bring a bottle of water, or more, to the show. Water bottles can be very appreciated giveaways also for key clients who stop to visit.
  5. Comfortable shoes. It is almost cliché, but so true. Bring a good worn-in pair of shoes to wear at the show or at the very least use to walk to and from your hotel. Also, changing to different shoes each day of the show and wearing walking shoes after show hours will prevent sore spots as your shoes will not be rubbing your feet in the same spot and your shoes will not be sweaty the next morning. I know, TMI.
  6. Be a good neighbor. Say hi to your booth neighbors and offer them a snack if you have it. You will be spending a lot of down time with them. It will be much more pleasant if you have someone who can watch your booth while you run to the bathroom or can lend you some wet wipes to clean up your graphic.
  7. Bring a backup banner stand or pop-up. Hear me out on this one. Even if you have the most beautiful booth having a backup banner roll-up or otherwise can save you in case your display gets lost or damaged. This is something you can put in your space until your vendor can get you a replacement or the shipping company finds your booth.
  8. Take photos. These are invaluable for at show promotions and for your post-show report. Post them on social media, on your press release, for post-show emails, blogs, etc. They will also be very helpful next year when you are getting ready for the show to jog your memory about what worked and what did not.
  9. Create a reason for visitors to come. Don’t assume they will just show up. Give them a reason to put your company on their list. In addition to inviting them, tell them what new products you will be showing, what giveaways or presentations you will have and mention if you have food or drink during or after the show. Hey, it worked in college and it often works now as well. Just make sure that whatever you offer it is something you know will be of interest to your audience. If you are not sure ask some of them what would encourage them to visit you.
  10. Plan to see some of the sights. I am not a big Vegas fan, but I do make it a point to do something fun every time I am out there.  It is an excellent way to bond with your hardworking staffers, it will give you something to chat about with your visitors when you are staffing the booth other than pushing your product and will give you much needed R&R. Even if you don’t want to see a show, you can go to a fun dinner, see the sunrise at Red Rock Canyon or take any of the Thrillist recommended adventures like a Foodie Tour of the city with your team.